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Saint Lucia

Citizenship by Investment

Visa-free travel to 120+ countries

Favourable taxation structures

No physical residency required

Investment options from US$100,000


  • Donation - National Economic Fund (NEF)
  • Donation (Single applicant)
    USD 100,000
    A non-refundable contribution for a single applicant.
  • Donation (Primary applicant and spouse)
    USD 165,000
    A non-refundable contribution for a couple.
  • Donation (Family of 4)
    USD 190,000
    A non-refundable contribution for the Primary applicant, spouse and up to 2 dependents.
  • Each additional dependent
    USD 25,000
  • Real Estate Investment
    USD 300,000


  • Government fees (Real Estate)
    In addition to the purchase of the government approved real estate, there are government fees to be paid.
  • Primary applicant
    USD 30,000
  • Primary applicant applying with spouse
    USD 45,000
  • Eligible dependents 18 years old and above
    USD 10,000
  • Eligible dependents 17 years old and below
    USD 5,000
  • Primary applicant and a family of more than 4
    USD 5,000*
    * Required fee for each additional eligible dependent (other than the four mentioned) for the category application of a Primary Applicant and more than four qualified dependents.
  • Due Diligence Fees
    There are required background checks payable to the Government's preferred due diligence agency that will use Interpol, World-Check and other Government agencies to screen applicants based on their application. The fees are required for both the NDF and the real estate investment options.
  • Primary applicant
    USD 7,500
  • Eligible dependent above 16 years old
    USD 5,000

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