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Golden Visa

Visa-free travel to 170+ countries

Favourable taxation structures

Minimal physical residency required

Investment options from EUR 280,000


In July 2015, through Act 63/2015 and Regulatory Decree 15-A/2015, the options for required investment were revised and new ones were added:

  1. Acquisition of one or multiple properties
  2. Acquisition of one or multiple properties older than 30 years or located in areas of urban regeneration. The value includes both the property and investment in the refurbishment works.

Investment amount may be reduced by 20% for both options in case such investment is made in low-density population areas.

  • Real Estate
    EUR 500,000
  • Real Estate
    EUR 350,000


The fees associated with this program cover the service and legal representation of the principal applicant and all qualifying family members throughout the temporary residence application process. Additional fees are applicable depending on the investment option chosen.

  • Property Transfer Tax (IMT)
    up to 8% (depending on the purchase price)*
    *6.5% for non-habitational purposes.
  • Annual Property Tax (IMI)
    0.3 – 0.8%
  • Additional Municipal Property Tax (AIMI)
    0.4 - 0.7%
  • Stamp Duty
  • Family process analysis
    EUR 81.10

On-going costs during period of EU Residency (SEF Authorities):

ARI Residency card (Per Family Member)

  • New
    EUR 5,202.60
    EUR 5,202.60
  • Renewal (12-36 months)
    EUR 2,601.30
  • Renewal (36-60 months)
    EUR 2,601.30

All application fees charged by the Portuguese government and by Migrate Invest are subject to change. These fees depend on the number of applicants and the complexity of the process. Please contact us if you have any questions or need more information.

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