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Golden Visa

Visa-free travel to 170+ countries

Favourable taxation structures

Minimal physical residency required

Investment options from EUR 280,000


Facts about Portugal

Placed on the enchanting coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is one of Europe’s oldest countries. Possessing a tremendous cultural, historical and architectural legacy, Portugal offers an atmosphere rarely found somewhere else, radiance, joy and tradition glisten through vineyards and cosy villages.

Portugal is an ideal location for raising families, conducting business or solely for travel. Offering a rich and diverse culture, Mediterranean climate and a safe and stable environment, Portugal often listed as a sought after location to live and work. Portugal’s stable and fast-developing market is a path to the entire Schengen zone which offers many opportunities for investors.


  • Become a permanent resident or citizen of Portugal after five years as a temporary resident;
  • Live and work in Portugal freely;
  • Include family members, such as spouse or partner, dependent children and dependent parents in the same application and extend the benefits to them.
  • Residence visa waiver for entering Portugal;
  • Visa-free travel within the Schengen member states;


To be fit for citizenship, the primary applicant must be over 18 years of age and meet all application conditions, including being of good character and sound health.

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