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Citizenship by Investment

Visa-free travel to 120+ countries

Favourable taxation structures

No physical residency required

Investment options from US$150,000


The following table breaks down the program application process into the necessary steps. Each step must be completed before continuing to the next.

Week 1
Step 1
Migrate Invest will pre-qualify the applicant according to Government guidelines. A down payment for professional fees will be applicable to start the application.
Week 1
Week 1
Step 2
Our professional team will assist and advise the applicant with the collection of the documents required according to the Government checklist.
Week 1
Month 2
Step 3
Upon compilation of all the documents, the application is submitted, and the client is required to pay the due diligence fees, the investment amount and government fees into an authorised escrow account.
Month 2
Month 3
Step 4
A Due Diligence Report is issued to the Government and based on it the Government decides to approve, or reject the application.
Month 3
Month 6
Step 5
You are required to settle the remaining balance of fees. A passport and citizenship certificate is issued in your name.
Month 6

The above timeline is an estimation provided for informational purposes based on experiences with past clients, the actual processing times and costs will vary depending on many factors. Migrate Invest is not responsible for any changes to the estimations above; we can provide specific time and cost estimates on an individual basis.

Please contact us for the most up-to-date information.

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