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Migrate Invest formed with the goal of building a world-class firm that is singularly focused on serving the needs of our clients.  We aim to provide our clients with skilled counselling, utilising a flexible billing structure, based on their situations and objectives when it comes to Immigration, Residency or Citizenship questions.

Our company core

At Migrate Invest we pride ourselves on collaboration. We are a diverse group of professionals who operate collectively towards a single goal – providing our clients with top-tier counselling service.

We trust in high professional standards of conduct. Transparency, honesty and loyalty are our core values.

Invested teamwork

Our team uses this same approach when working with clients to find the right solutions for difficult issues. We believe that everyone plays an important role on our team as a hands-on contributor to the end goal.

We support independent thought and encourage creativity because we believe this approach works to achieve the best possible results for our clients

International presence

With offices located in Dubai, UAE our firm is well-positioned to meet the diverse demands of global clients. Our team has substantial experience and have practised citizenship counselling at the highest levels throughout their careers.

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Most countries have procurements that allow their Government to grant citizenship in return for significant contributions to society, culture, the economy, and other interests of the State. However, this inclination of the Government is exercised exceptionally rarely. Citizenship-by-Investment programs grant you the possibility to lawfully acquire new citizenship quickly and directly, without any interruptions to your life. Our network of experts across the world is ready to assist you in making it happen.


Our expertise in dealing with residency programmes in countries across the world can lead and support you to arrive you where you want to be.Whatever the destination and the purpose of your move, we will advise you on a reliable way forward so you can relax in the knowledge that you are in competent hands.


Immigration programs are designed with similar guidelines as the residency and citizenship programs, but often have more detailed requirements and objectives. Our team has experience with cases of varying complexity, and we offer to reach your final goal.

Other services

Second passport renewal, passport replacement, residency visa transfer, newborn baby processing, new spouse processing, bank account opening, driving license & national ID card.

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